Holomon’s story began in 1993 in Taxiarchis, one of the few villages on Mount Holomon.  Our father, Nikos, together with the award-winning botanist Pavlos Haristos, started studying and collecting the mountain’s herbs.  The extraordinary variety they found growing there, together with in-depth historical and scientific research, led them to set up Holomon.

The same year saw the creation of the company’s first laboratory for processing herbs, where a number of varieties were collected, dried and then studied scientifically.  Selecting herbs is a very serious process and should always take place with the proper supervision, working with experts.  For the next ten years, Holomon selected, processed and marketed premium quality herbs in the region of Halkidiki.

In 2004, the other members of the family, who had been studying the relevant subjects, joined the company on an official basis. The company acquired a modern packaging plant and laboratory, expanding the Holomon range and winning awards for its innovative products.

Meanwhile, the company continued its research work and in 2014, with the invaluable help of specialist scientists, it achieved its first systematic cultivation of organic herbs:  mountain tea, lavender, sage, oregano, lime flower (or tilia), and rosemary.

The goal was to create secure conditions for the development of organic herbs, while protecting the natural environment in order to preserve biodiversity.  Two years later, in 2016, echinacea, elderberry, hawthorn and melissa leaf were added.

Holomon’s objective has always been to produce herbs under carefully controlled conditions, to protect the environment so the balance of nature is not disturbed, and to ensure the conservation of the mountain’s natural landscape.


Herbs are nature’s secret gift to mankind, and ever since their usefulness was first discovered, science and human health have developed at a rapid pace.

Harvesting herbs is not a simple process:  it takes specialist knowledge and requires a variety of skills.

Our company has more than 30 years of experience but we do not confine ourselves only to traditional knowledge. We always consult expert botanists and agronomists because preserving the balance of nature is of paramount importance to us.

At Holomon, we want our products to be safe, high quality and easy to use. That’s why the qualified personnel in our modern laboratories study all our procedures, ensuring that we produce only high-value products using green methods.

Our philosophy is based on our ecological awareness and our deep knowledge of the benefits of herbs to human health.


Herbs contain many secrets of potential benefit to human health.

Holomon grows an impressive variety of more than 45 organically cultivated species of herbs on more than 2.5 hectares of land, from which we select the finest and most beneficial.

Herbs are selected on the basis of their stage of development.  We always collect the parts of the plant that are most suitable for the creation of our products, without impairing its growth.

The most suitable herbs are handpicked and then dried in a specially designed natural drying room without the use of mechanisation.

Once the herbs are dried, they are again hand-selected before being packaged, which takes place using modern equipment to ensure the quality and safety of the final product.